Undergraduate Courses Taught

Undergraduate Writing and Writing Pedagogy
I am fortunate to work with talented, dedicated undergraduate students from a range of disciplines across a range of writing courses:

  • English 3810: Grammar In Context
  • English 4840: Foundations in Teaching Writing
  • General Studies Writing 1110
  • General Studies Writing 1120

English 3810:  Grammar In Context
English 3810 provides students an opportunity to study grammar pedagogy. We work together to explore meanings of grammatical concepts, rules, and terminology. Our readings, discussions, and projects allow students to experiment or play with various methods of grammar instruction: how, when, and why to help students apply grammatical concepts and structures to written discourses; strategies for designing writing activities that productively challenge students to develop grammar competency and confidence. English 3810ers work together to identify, understand, and critically reflect on current theoretical and pedagogical approaches to teaching grammar in the context of teaching writing, integrating theory and practice in the development of grammar curricula.

English 4840:  Foundations of Teaching Writing
I have the joy and privilege of teaching English 4840: Foundations of Teaching Writing regularly.  English 4840 enrolls English Education majors who will soon teach writing to middle-grade or high-school students.   I encourage 4840 students to examine our course material as writers, readers, thinkers—as students as well as future writing teachers.   I work closely with students to create classroom activities and assignments that investigate writing pedagogy as rhetorical and social practice.  For example, each semester I assign students an interview for which they must speak with an experienced teacher of writing in order to learn their interviewees philosophy of teaching writing and how, exactly, they translate philosophy into everyday classroom practice.  Another of the course assignments—a collaborative pedagogical presentation—requires students to work with a few of their English 4840 colleagues.  Working in small groups, the students research, develop, and implement a pedagogical workshop for their classmates.  Student collaboratives facilitate interactive workshops meant to enhance their classmates’ understanding of the pedagogical significance of their chosen topic.


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