Community-Based Scholarship

  • Faculty Co-faciliator (with Paul Valdez), 2015-2017 BGSU Graduate Student and Faculty Service Learning Learning Community
  • Composing Feminist Interventions: Activism, Engagement, PraxisMy experience teaching a doctoral seminar on research methods, English 7800:  Feminist Research Methodologies and Pedagogy in 2010, provided me an opportunity to explore community-based work as writing research and pedagogy.  Working closely with Julie Broadwell of Victims Services of Wood County, Ohio, a nonprofit advocacy service for victims of intimate partner violence, the class identified three writing-rich and research-dependent projects that would be of help to Julie.  As we worked our way through the semester’s readings, and in complement to the various individual and perhaps more traditionally-practiced writing tasks students produced for the course, the eleven smart class members also researched, drafted, revised, and presented three projects to Julie.  These projects included a handbook of strategies on how to build the profile of Victims Services on the BGSU campus; a digital clearinghouse for the collection and management of local, regional, and national non-for-profit grant opportunities; and a formal narrative report on the domestic abuse fatalities in Wood County, Ohio (our home county).  Many of the BGSU Rhetoric & Writing doctoral students have sustained the campus-community partnership with Victims Services since 2010.  More recently, the Spring 2013 Community Literacy seminar participants compiled a document that, calling on quantitative and qualitative data, tells the stories of victims’ experiences with the Wood County Court System.  This project continued of collaborative research that began with data collection and analysis as part of our research methods class during Fall 2012. This semester (Fall 2015), we reimagine the role of community partner. Research methods students will collaborate on a series of writing research projects for the Rhetoric and Writing Doctoral Program.


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