this space is designed to give visitors a sense of who, as someone who teaches and studies writing,
i am.

I’m an associate professor of English and a member of the Rhetoric & Writing Program faculty at Bowling Green State University, where I am fortunate enough to teach–and learn from/with–amazing groups of undergraduate and graduate students.  I regularly teach courses of one sort or another on composition pedagogy (i.e., ways of teaching writing) and research methods (i.e., ways of studying writing).  Beyond teaching, I enjoy studying how we come to know and do the work of writing.  I advocate for collaborative approaches to scholarship and pedagogy. Sustained, thoughtful conversation furthers my understanding of the content at hand. More important than extending my understanding of any text, though, collaborative teaching and research make possible opportunities for me to grow my understanding of other writers and readers–my co-learners.  More and more, my collaborations include partnerships that involve my students, colleagues from beyond my home discipline of writing studies, and local community organizations.